Company Main products WhereTheySell HQ Main Retailer packaging
777 Bison trinkets USA SD

Abaya clothing? ? ?

Alec’s Ice Cream A2 ice cream!!! USA CA?

Alexandre milk USA CA

American Frontier leather USA UT

Applegate meat USA

Atkins Ranch lamb USA CA Whole Foods
Barbell Foods meat, dried (biltong) Australia

Burberry clothing worldwide Britain

Cabriejo Ranch Lamb & wool USA MO

Capello’s weird grain-free stuff USA

Cargo Road Wines wine Australia NSW

Carnivore Snax jerky USA

Casad Family Farm meat USA OR
poor (the packaging itself is awful aluminized plastic & styrofoam. They encourage sending it back so they can reuse it, but their "media mail" trick doesn't work in our post office, so it's super expensive.)
Cleaver & Co. meat Australia

Deckers shoes worldwide

Dirt wine

Eileen Fisher clothing worldwide


Epic Provisions jerky USA

Erem excellent quality hiking boots worldwide

excellent, but they appear to be out-of-business
Fairleather Wallets & belts USA

Fauna cosmetics

Gleason Bison bison meat USA SW CO
they don't ship much to retail customers, so hard to tell
Keller Crafted meat USA

Lagom leather bags, purses

White Oak Pastures meat USA Georgia

Figure Ate food, including biltong USA CA
Force of Nature meat USA
Sprouts & Whole Foods
General Mills food worldwide

Grip 6 clothing USA

HD Wool wool worldwide Britain

Harris Farm Markets food Australia Australia

Honest Bison meat USA

Iberian Pastures meat USA GA

Kering clothing worldwide

Kamen Road felt bags, incl. Laptop cases, etc. worldwide CA

Madewell clothing worldwide

Mariah Vineyards wine USA CA

New Balance shoes worldwide

Onda essential oils, CBD USA

Palliser Ridge Wool & lamb NZ

Parker Pastures meat USA CO
I don't know about packaging, but their shipping costs are outrageous and they're sneaky about it. They don't tell you until the order's already been placed!
Pastizales Nativos meat Argentina Argentina

Pasturebird poultry USA CA, San Diego Co.
Provenir meat Australia Australia

Rep Provisions meat USA OK Gleason Bison
Range Revolution leather USA

Reformation clothing worldwide USA

Richards Regenerative meat west coast

Safimera meat Turkey Turkey

Serenity Kids baby food USA USA

Spot Farms dog food & treats USA

Summer Solace cosmetics worldwide CA

Tapestry clothing worldwide

The Ethical Butcher meat Britain Britain

Mulloon Institute advice Australia Australia

Thousand Hills meat USA MN

Timberland boots worldwide USA

UGG clothing worldwide

Union meat worldwide
Sprouts, Gelsons terrible
Wilcox Eggs & meat west coast WA

Woolfolk yarn worldwide Argentina

XIT Cattle & horses USA TX & CO

Your Food Collective food Australia Australia

Zuke’s dog treats USA
Chewy, PetSmart, etc. bad