Agricultural Publications by the University of Kentucky

Table of Contents

TitleAuthor(s)YearCircular No.Notes
The Breeding Season for the Farm Flock of SheepRichard C. Miller1939301
WorkstockW.S. Anderson1937306
Growing Alfalfa in KentuckyE.N. Fergus, Ralph Kenney & W.C. Johnstone1942312
Brooding ChicksJ.E. Humphrey & J.B. Kelley1943157
Shed-Roof Poultry House for the Laying FlockJ.B. Kelley & W.M. Insko, Jr.1944403
Minerals for Livestock1941360
Summer Feeding of Dairy Cows1943Leaflet 54
Crimson Clover and other Winter Legumes1942318