State of New York- Department of Agriculture
The Apples of New York
by S.A. Beach (Horticulturist)
assisted by N.O. Booth (Assistant Horticulturist) and O.M. Taylor (Foreman in Horticulture)
Volume I
Report of the New York Agricultural Experiment Station for the Year 1903

Volume II
J.B. Lyon Company, Printers

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[Note from page 41 of The Apples of New York:] Numbers in parentheses designate authors or publications cited in the preceding list [meaning the list of references for that specific apple cultivar description- ASC]. This plan is followed with all of the formal descriptions given in this report.

Apples in the Southeastern U.S. Piedmont region
Apples in the Southwestern U.S. desert
Apple Improvement, 1937 USDA Yearbook
South Dakota apples (1927 Bulletin 224)
1908 USDA Yearbook apple (& other fruit) descriptions
1887 USDA Yearbook apple descriptions.
1862 USDA Yearbook apple descriptions
Assorted other apples that interested me at some point or another for whatever reason.
An Historical Survey of Okanagan Apple Varieties by Bruce Goett
Apple Names and Synonyms Master List...not yet hyperlinked, but that's coming

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