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The Secretary's Report to the President Henry A. Wallace...1

Better Plants and Animals - II

What the Book is About. Gove Hambidge...119
Vegetable Crop Breeding and Improvement—An Introduction. Victor R. Boswell...171
Improvement and Genetics of Tomatoes, Peppers, and Eggplant. Victor R. Boswell...176
Breeding and Improvement of Curcubits. T.W. Whitaker and I.C. Jagger...207
Onion Improvement. H.A. Jones...233
Breeding and Improvement of Peas and Beans. B.L. Wade...251
Improvement in the Leafy Cruciferous Vegetables. Roy Magruder...283
Improving the Root Vegetables. C.F. Poole...300
Improvement in the Salad Crops. Ross C. Thompson...326
Improvement in Vegetable Crops—Appendix. Victor R. Boswell...340
Improvement of Sweet Corn. C.F. Poole...379
Popcorn Breeding. Arthur M. Brunson...395
Breeding and Genetics in Potato Improvement. F.J. Stevenson and C.F. Clark...405
Strawberry Improvement. George M. Darrow...445
Blackberry and Raspberry Improvement. George M. Darrow...496
Improvement of Currants and Gooseberries. George M. Darrow...534
Some Unusual Opportunities in Plant Breeding. George M. Darrow and Guy E. Yerkes...545
Improving the Wild Blueberry. Frederick V. Coville...559
Progress in Apple Improvement, J.R. Magness
Progress in Pear Improvement, J.R. Magness
Grape Development and Improvement. Elmer Snyder...631
Improvement of Stone Fruits. [Peaches, Plums, Cherries, & Apricots]. F.P. Cullinan...665
Improvement of Subtropical Fruit Crops: Citrus. Hamilton P. Traub and T. Ralph Robinson
Nut Breeding. H.L. Crane, C.A. Reed and M.N. Wood...827
Improvement of Flowers by Breeding. S.L. Emsweller, Philip Brierley, D.V. Lumsden and F.L. Mulford...890
Breeding Miscellaneous Forage and Cover Crop Legumes. Roland McKee and A.J. Pieters...999
Breeding Miscellaneous Grasses. H.N. Vinall and M.A. Hein...1032
Improvement of Timothy. Morgan W. Evans...1103
Alfalfa Improvement. H.M. Tysdal and H.L. Westover...1122
Improvement in Soybeans. W.J. Morse and J.L. Cartter...1154
Clover Improvement. A.J. Pieters and E.A. Hollowell...1190
Varietal Improvement in Hops. D.C. Smith...1215
Improvement in Forest Trees. Ernst J. Schreiner...1242
Breeding Problems with Angora Goats. W.V. Lambert...1280
Improvement of Milk Goats. V.L. Simmons and W.V. Lambert...1294
Heredity in the Dog. W.M. Dawson...1315
The Breeding of Turkeys. Stanley J. Marsden and Charles W. Knox...1350
Duck Breeding. A.R. Lee...1367
The Breeding of Fur Animals. Frank G. Ashbrook...1379
Bee Breeding. W.J. Nolan...1396
Fundamentals of Heredity for Breeders. E.N. Bressman and Gove Hambidge...1419
Vegetative Reproduction. J.R. Magness...1450
A Chronology of Genetics. Robert Cook...1457
Index...1479 [Modern Search Engines Probably work better than the old indices, so I'll forgo this exercise- ASC]

LIMITATIONS of space made it necessary to omit from this volume some of the material prepared as a result of the survey of plant and animal improvement. Two complete articles were omitted —one on the Improvement of Subtropical Fruits Other than Citrus, by Hamilton P. Traub and T. Ralph Robinson and one on the chromosomal basis of heredity (Studies in the Behavior of Chromosomes) by A.F. Blakeslee, consulting member of the Secretary's Committee on Genetics. Both of these articles, however, will be published in the 1937 Yearbook Separates, obtainable from the Superintendent of Documents, Washington, D.C. at a nominal cost. In order to keep the record complete and unified, the summaries of the articles have been retained in the introductory chapter beginning on page 119.*** The remaining omitted material consists of the bibliographies on flower breeding and on forest-tree breeding, which include a large number of references, and which will also be published with the text of the articles in the Yearbook Separates; and a few pages of miscellaneous agricultural statistics. The latter are included in substance in the volume entitled Agricultural Statistics, 1937, obtainable from the Superintendent of Documents. A notice of the fact that Agricultural Statistics would hereafter be published as a separate volume appeared in the foreward to the 1936 Yearbook.