The list of books which follows contains all American pomological works in which the several small fruits are discussed at any length. No attempt has been made to include botanical works, Only such European becks are listed as were found useful in writing The Small Fruits of New York. Only periodicals are recorded to which references are made in the text of the book. The reports and bulletins of experiment stations and horticultural societies are not included since the abbreviations used for such publications will be recognized by all. The date of copyright has been preferred to that of publication, though sometimes it has been necessary to use the latter, as when there were several editions from the same copyright.

Am. Fr. Gr. Mag........American Fruit Grower Magazine. (Illustrated.) Chicago:

1918 to date. In 1917 united with Green's Fruit Grower, Rochester, N. Y. 1880-1917; The Fruit Grower, St. Joseph, Mo. 1889-1917; and the American Fruit Grower, Charlottesville, Va. 1915-1917, all forming Green's American Fruit Grower. In 1918 became American Fruit Grower Magazine.

Am. Gard............... American Gardening. An Illustrated Journal of Horticulture

and Gardener's Chronicle. New York: 1892-1904. Copyright, 1903. (Before its union with Popular Gardening in 1892, the publication was known as The American Garden Both Popular Gardening and The American Garden resulted from the union or absorption of several other horticultural periodicals.)

Am. Gard. Mag.......... The American Gardener's Magazine, and Register of Useful Discoveries and Improvements in Horticulture and Rural Affairs. (See Mag. Hort.)

Am. Hort An............ American Horticultural Annual. A Yearbook of Horticultural

Progress for the Professional and Amateur Gardener, Fruitgrower, and Florist, (Illustrated.) New York: 1867, 1869-1871. Copyrights, 1867-1869, 1871.

Am. Jour. Hort.......... The American Journal of Horticulture and Florist's Companion.

(Illustrated.) Volumes 1-5. Boston: 1867-1869. Copy-rights, 1867-1869. Continued as Tilton's Journal of Horticulture and Floral Magazine. (Illustrated.) Volumes 6-9. Boston' 1869-1871, Copyrights, 1869-1871.

Am. Pom. Soc. Rpt......Proceedings of the American Pomological Society. Issued usually biennially from 1850 to date. First published as the Proceedings of the National Convention of Fruit Growers in 1848.

Ann. Pom. Beige......... Annales de Pomologie Beige et Etrangere; publiees par la Commission royale de Pomologie Institute par S. M. le Roi des Beiges. (Illustre.) Huit Tomes. Bruxelles: 1853-1860.

Bailey, Ann. Hort........ Annals of Horticulture in North America for the Years 1869-1893. A Witness of Passing Events and a Record of Progress. By L. H. Bailey. New York: 1890-1894. Copyrights, 1889, 1891-1894.

Bailey, Ev. Nat. Fruits... Sketch of The Evolution of Our Native Fruits. By L. H. Bailey. {Illustrated.) New York: 1898. Copyright, 1898.

Bailey, Stand. Cyc. Hort. The Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture. A Discussion, for

the Amateur, and the Professional and Commercial Grower, of the Kinds, Characteristics and Methods of Cultivation of the Species of Plants Grown in the Regions of the United States and Canada for Ornament, for Fancy, for Fruit and for Vegetables; with Keys to the Natural Families and Genera, Descriptions of the Horticultural Capabilities of the States and Provinces and Dependent Islands, and Sketches of Eminent Horticulturists. By L. H. Bailey. (Illustrated.) In Six Volumes. New York: 1914-1917. Copyrights, 1914-1917.

Baltet, Cult. Fr.......... Traite de la Culture Fruitiere Commerciale et Bourgeoise.

Par Charles Baltet. (Illustre.) Quatrieme Edition. Paris: 1908.

Barry, Fr. Garden........ The Fruit Garden. By P. Barry. (Illustrated.) New York:

1852. Copyright, 1851. Revised edition, 1896. Copyright, 1883.

Bradley, Gard........... New Improvements of Planting and Gardening, both Philosophical and Practical. In three parts. By Richard Bradley. (Illustrated.) Seventh Edition with Appendix. London: 1739.

Bridgeman, Gard. Ass't... The Young Gardener's Assistant, in three parts. By Thomas Bridgeman. New Edition, with an Appendix. New York: 1857. Copyright, 1847.

Brookshaw, Hort. Reposit. The Horticultural Repository, containing Delineations of the

best Varieties of the Different Species of English Fruits. By George Brookshaw. (Illustrated.) In Two Volumes. London: 1823. 36

Brookshaw, Pom. Brit.... Pomona Britannica, or A Collection of the Most Esteemed Fruits at present Cultivated In Great Britain; selected principally from the Royal Gardens At Hampton Court, and the remainder from The Most Celebrated Gardens Round London; Accurately Drawn and Colored from Nature, with Full Descriptions of their Various Qualities, Seasons, etc. By George Brookshaw. Volumes I and II. London: 1817.

Budd-Hansen, Am. Hort. Man.................. American Horticultural Manual. By J. L. Budd, assisted by N. E. Hansen. (Illustrated.) In Two Volumes. Volume 2, New York and London: 1903. Copyright, 1903.

Bunyard-Thomas, Fr. Gard................. The Fruit Garden. By George Bunyard and Owen Thomas. {Illustrated.) London and New York: 1904.

Can. Hort............... The Canadian Horticulturist. (Illustrated.) Toronto and Peterboro: 1878 to date.

Card, Bush-Pr........... Bush-Fruits. A Horticultural Monograph of Raspberries,

Blackberries, Dewberries, Currants, Gooseberries, and Other Shrub-Like Fruits. By Fred W. Card. {Illustrated.) New York: 1898. Copyright, 1898. Revised edition. New York: 1919. Copyright, 1917.

Cat. Cong. Pom. France. . Societe Pomologique de France Catalogue Descriptif des Fruits Adoptes par le Congres Pomologique. (Illustre.) Lyon: 1906.

Country Gent........... The Country Gentleman. Albany: 1853-1865. The Cultivator et Country Gentleman. Albany: 1866-1897. The Country Gentleman. Albany and Philadelphia: 1898 to date.

Cultivator............... The Cultivator. Albany: 1834-1865. In 1866 united with The Country Gentleman.

Cult. et Count. Gent.....The Cultivator et Country Gentleman. (See Country Gent.)

De Candolle, Or. Cult. Plants................ Origin of Cultivated Plants. By Alphonse de Candolle. Geneva (Switzerland): 1882. New York: 1885.

Dochnahl, Fuhr. Obst-

kunde. ............... De sichere Fuhrer in der Obstkunde auf botanisch-pomologischen Wege oder Systematische Breschreibung aller Obst-sorten. Von F. J. Dochnahl. Vier Bande. Nurnberg: 1855-60. (Vol. 4, 1860, Nuts and Small Fruits.)

Downing, Fr. Trees Am... The Fruits and Fruit Trees of America: or the culture, propagation, and management, in the garden and orchard, of fruit trees generally; with Descriptions Of All The Finest Varieties Of Fruit, Native and Foreign, Cultivated In This Country. By A. J. Downing. (Illustrated.) New York et London: 1845. Copyright, 1845. Second edition, same text, with colored plates, 1847. First revision, by Charles Downing. New York: 1857. Copyright, 1857. Second revision, by Charles Downing. New York: 1869. Copyright, 1869. First appendix, 1872. Second appendix, 1876. Third appendix, 1881.

Duhamel, Trait. Arb. Fr.. Traite Des Arbres Fruitiers; Contenant Leur Figure, Leur

Description, Leur Culture, etc. Par M. Duhamel Du Mon-ceau. (Illustre.) Tomes I et II. Paris: 1768. Edition publie en 1872, en trois tomes. Nouvelle Edition en six tomes, 1807-183 5.

Elliott, Fr. Book......... Elliott's Fruit Book; or, the American Fruit-Grower's Guide in Orchard and Garden. By F. R. Elliott. (Illustrated.) New York: 1858. Copyright, 1854. Revised edition, 1859.

Fest. Pom. Inst. Reut.... Festschrift zum Funfzigjahrigen Bestehen des Pomologischen Instituts In Reutlingen. Reutlingen: 1910.

Fish, Hardy-Fr. Bk...... The Hardy-Fruit Book. By D. T. Fish. (Illustrated,) Two

Volumes. London: probably 1882.

Fletcher, Strawb. in N. A. The Strawberry In North America. History, Origin, Botany, and Breeding. By S. W. Fletcher. (Illustrated.) New York: 1917. Copyright, 1917.

Flor. et Pom............. The Florist and Pomologist: A Pictorial Monthly Magazine of

Flowers, Fruits, and General Horticulture. Conducted at first by Robert Hogg and John Spencer, later by Thomas Moore and William Paul. (Illustrated.) London: 1862-1884.

Fuller, Sm. Fr. Cult...... The Small Fruit Culturist. By Andrew S. Fuller. (Illustrated.) New York. Copyright, 1867.

Gard. Chron............. The Gardener's Chronicle. (Illustrated.) London: 1841 to date.

Gard. et For............. Garden And Forest. A Journal of Horticulture, Landscape Art and Forestry. Conducted by Charles S. Sargent. (Illustrated.) Volumes I-X. New York: 1888-1897. Copyrights, 1888-1897.

Gard. Mon.............. The Gardener's Monthly and Horticultural Advertiser. Edited by Thomas Meehan. (Illustrated.) Philadelphia: 1859-1887.

Garden................. The Garden. (Illustrated.) London: 1872 to date.

Gen. Farmer............ The Genesee Farmer. Edited by Luther Tucker, Rochester:

1831-183 9. Then consolidated with the Cultivator. Another periodical of the same name was published in Rochester from 1845 to J865. Also New Genesee Farmer and Monthly Genesee Farmer.

Gerarde, Herball......... The Herball or Generall Historie of Plantes. By John Gerarde. Enlarged and amended by Thomas Johnson. London: 1633. Reprinted without alteration, 1636.

Goeschke, Erdbeeren.....Das Buch der Erdbeeren. Eine practische Anleitung zur Cultur derselben im freien Lande wie auch zum Treiben in Kasten und Hausern nebst Mittheilungen uber Botanik, Geschichte, Classification der Erdbeeren und Beschreibung aller in den Garten bekannten Arten und Varietaten. Von Franz Goeschke. (Illustriert.) Berlin: 1874.

Guide Prat.............. Guide Pratique de L'Amateur De Fruits. Description Et Culture Des Varietes De Fruits classees par series de merite Composant Les Collections Pomologiques De L'Etablisse-ment Horticole des Freres Simon-Louis. A Plantieres-Les-Metz (Lorraine Annexee) Suivi D'Une Table Generate Alphabetique de Tous Les Synonymes Connus, Franeais et Strangers, appartenent a chaque variete. Par O. Thomas. Nancy: 1876. Deuxieme Edition. Paris et Nancy: 1895.

Hedrick, Cyc. Hardy Fr.. Cyclopedia Of Hardy Fruits. By U. P. Hedrick. (Illustrated.) New York: 1922. Copyright, 1922.

Hoffy, N. Am. Pom...... Hoffy's North American Pomologist, containing numerous

Finely Colored Drawings, accompanied by letter press descriptions, etc, of Fruits of American Origin. Edited by William D. Brinckle. Book No. 1. Philadelphia: 1860. Copyright, 1860.

Hogg, Fruit Man........The Fruit Manual: A Guide to the Fruits and Fruit Trees of

Great Britain. By Robert Hogg. First edition, London: 1860. Second edition, 1861. Third edition, 1866. Fourth edition, 1873. Fifth edition, 1884.

Horticulturist___........The Horticulturist and Journal of Rural Art and Rural Taste.
Founded and first edited by A. J. Downing. (Illustrated.) Volumes 1 to 30. Albany, Philadelphia and New York: 1846-1875.

Hovey, Fr. Am.......... The Fruits of America, containing Richly Colored Figures,

and full Descriptions of all the choicest Varieties cultivated in the United States. By C. M. Hovey. Volume I. Boston and New York: 1852. Volume II. Boston: 1856. Copyright, 1851.

Jour. Hort.............. The Journal of Horticulture: Began as The Cottage Gardener;

or Amateur's and Cottager's Guide to out-door gardening and spade cultivation. 25 Volumes. London: 1849-1861. Continued as The Journal of Horticulture, Cottage Gardener, and Country Gentleman. A Journal of Horticulture, Rural and Domestic Economy, Botany and Natural History. New Series. 38 Volumes. London: 1861-1880. Continued as The Journal of Horticulture, Cottage Gardener, and Home Farmer. A Chronicle of Country Pursuits and Country Life, including Poultry, Pigeon, and Bee-keeping. Third Series. 59 Volumes. London: 1880-1909.

Jour. Pom. et Hort. Sci... The Journal Of Pomology And Horticultural Science. Began as The Journal Of Pomology. Edited by Edward A. Bunyard. (Illustrated.) Vols. 1 and 2, published at Maid-stone, England. Beginning with Vol. 3, London: 1922 to date.

Jour. Roy. Hort. Soc.....The Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society. London: 1846 to date. Vols. 1-9, 1846-55, bear the title of The Journal of the Horticultural Society of London.

Kenrick, Am. Orch....... The New American Orchardist. By William Kenrick. Boston:

1833. Copyright, 1832, Second edition. Boston: 1835. Copyright, 1835. Seventh edition, enlarged and improved, with a supplement. Boston: 1845. Copyright, 1841.

Knoop, Fructologie....... Part I. Pomologie, ou Description des meilleures sortes de

Pommes et de Poires. Part II. Fructologie, ou Description des Arbres Fruitiers. Par Jean Herman Knoop. (Illustre.) Amsterdam: 1771.

Langley, Pomona........ Pomona, or the Fruit Garden Illustrated. By Batty Langley. London: 1729.

Lindley, Guide Orch. Gard. A Guide to the Orchard And Kitchen Garden; or, an account

of the most valuable fruit and vegetables cultivated In Great Britain: with Kalendars of the Work Required in the Orchard and Kitchen Garden during every month in the year. By George Lindley. Edited by John Lindley. London: 1831.

Lond. Hort. Soc. Cat.....A Catalogue of the Fruits Cultivated in the Garden of the Horticultural Society of London. London: 1826. Second edition, 1831. Third edition, 1842. A supplement was published in 1853.

Lucas-Oberdieck, 111.

Handb. Obst.......... Illustrirtes Handbuch der Obstkunde. Unter Mitwirkung

mehrerer Pomologen herausgegeben. Von Eduard Lucas und Johann Georg Conrad Oberdieck. (Illustnert.) Acht Teile. Stuttgart: 1875. (Vol. 7, Small Fruits.)

Mclntosh, Bk. Gard...... The Book of the Garden. By Charles Mclntosh. (Illus-

rated.) Two Volumes London: 1853-5.

McMahon, Am. Gard. Cal. The American Gardener's Calendar. By Bernard McMahon.

Philadelphia: 1806.

Mag. Hort.............. The Magazine of Horticulture. Boston: 1837-1868. First

published as The American Gardener's Magazine, 1835-6. Edited by C. M. Hovey with P. B. Hovey, Jr., associate editor during 1835-6.

Mathieu, Nom. Pom. .... Nomenclature Pomologicus. Von Carl Mathieu. Berlin:


Maurer, Stachelbeerbuch.. Maurer's Stachelbeerbuch iiber die besten und verbreitetsten

Stachelbeersorten. Von Louis Maurer. (Illustnert.) Stuttgart: 1913.

Mawe-Abercrombie, Com.

Gard.................. The Complete Gardener. By Thomas Mawe and John Aber-

crombie. London: 1829.

Meehans* Mon.......... Meehans' Monthly. A Magazine of Horticulture, Botany and

kindred subjects. Conducted by Thomas Meehan. Assisted by T. B. Meehan, J. F. Meehan, et S. M. Meehan. (Illustrated.) Volumes I-XII. Philadelphia: 1891-1902.

Miller, Gard. Diet........ The Gardener's Dictionary. By Philip Miller. Sixth edition. London: 1752. Revised edition, by Thomas Martyn. London: 1807.

Nat. Nur............... The National Nurseryman. Published by The National

Nurseryman Publishing Co. (Illustrated,) Rochester: 1893 to date.

Parkinson, Par. Ter......Paradisi in Sole. Paradisus Terrestris. By John Parkinson.

(Illustrated.) London: 1629.

Pom. France............ Pomologie De Le France ou Histoire Et Description de tous Les Fruits Cultives En France Et Admis Par Le Congres Pomologique. (Illustre.) Tomes I-VIII. Lyon: 1863-1873.

Pom. Mag..............The Pomological Magazine; or, Figures And Descriptions of

the Most Important Varieties Of Fruit cultivated in Great Britain. Three Volumes. London: 1828-30. This work has been published under the title Pomona Brittanica.

Popular Gard............ Popular Gardening. An Illustrated periodical devoted to Horticulture in all its branches. Volume I. Buffalo: 1886. Continued as Popular Gardening and Fruit Growing. Volumes II-IV. Buffalo: 1887-1891. Consolidated with The American Garden and continued as American Gardening. New York: 1892-1904.

Prince, Cat. Fr. Trees___Catalogue of Fruit And Ornamental Trees et Plants, Bulbous

Flower Roots, Green-House Plants, etc. etc. Cultivated at the Linnaean Botanic Garden, William Prince, Prop. Twenty-second edition. New York: 1823.

Prince, Pom. Man........ The Pomological Manual: or, A Treatise on Fruits. By

William Robert Prince, aided by William Prince. Second Edition. Part I. New York: 1832. Copyright, 1831. Part II. New York: 1832. Copyright, 1832.

Prince, Treat. Hort....... A Short Treatise on Horticulture. By William Prince. New

York: 1828. Copyright, 1828.

Rea, Flora.............. Flora: Seu, De Florum Cultura; or, A Complete Florilege. By

John Rea. 3 Books. London: 1676. (Book 3, Small Fruits.)

Rec. Hort............... Woodward's Record of Horticulture. Edited by Andrew S. Fuller. {Illustrated.) No. I. New York: 1867. Copyright, 1867. No. II. New York: 1868. Copyright, 1868.

Rev. Hort............... Revue Horticole. Journal D'Horticulture Pratique. {Illustre*.) Paris: 1829 to date.

Roe, Sue. Sm. Fr......... Success With Small Fruits. By Edward P. Roe. (Illustrated.) New York: 1898. Copyright, 1881.

Rural N. Y.............. The Rural New-Yorker. A Journal for the Suburban and Country Home. {Illustrated.) Rochester and New York: 1850 to date,

Sickler, Teutsche Obst___ Der teutsche Obstgartner oder gemeinnutziges Magazin des Obstbaues in Teutschlands sammtlichen Ereisen; verfasser von einigen prachtischen Freunden Der Obstcultur und herausgegeben. Von J. V. Sickler. Volumes 1-22. Weimar: 1794-1804.

Soc. Nat. Hort. France

pom.................. Societe Nationale Dhorticulture De France. Section Pomologique. Les Meilleurs Fruits au debut du XXe siecle. (Illustre.) Paris: 1904.

Thomas, Am. Fruit Cult.. The American Fruit Culturist. By John J. Thomas. (Illustrated.) First Edition. Geneva and Auburn, N. Y.: 1846. Copyright, 1846. Revised Edition. Auburn, N. Y.: 1851. Copyright, 1849. Revised Edition. New York: 1869. Copyright, 1867. Revised Edition. New York: 1885. Copyright, 1875-1885. Twentieth Edition, Revised and Enlarged. New York: 1897. Copyright, 1897. Twenty-first Edition, Revised and Enlarged. New York: 1911. Copyright, 1903.

Thompson, Gard. Ass't... The Gardener's Assistant; Practical and Scientific. By Robert Thompson. (Illustrated.) Two Volumes. London: 1859. Same, revised by William Watson. Six Volumes. London: 1901.

Tilton, Jour. Hort........ Tilton's Journal of Horticulture and Floral Magazine. (See Am. Jour. Hort.)

Trans. Lond. Hort. Soc... Transactions of the Horticultural Society of London. Volume

I. London: 1815. Volume II. London: 1817. Volume III. London: 1820. Volume IV. London: 1822. Volume V. London: 1824. Volume VI. London: 1826.

U. S. D. A. Rpt.........Reports of the United States Department of Agriculture:


U. S. D. A. Yearbook. . .. Yearbook of the United States Department of Agriculture:

1894 to date.

U. S. Pat. Off. Rpt.......Reports of the Agricultural section of the LTnited States Patent Office: 1837 to 1861.

Wickson, Cal. Fruits......The California Fruits and How To Grow Them. By Edward

J. Wickson. (Illustrated.) Second Edition. San Francisco: 1891. Copyright, 1889. Fourth Edition. Los Angeles: 1909. Copyright, 1908. Seventh Edition. San Francisco: 1914. Copyright, 1914. Eighth Edition. San Francisco: 1919. Copyright, 1919. Ninth Edition. San Francisco: 1921. Copyright, 1921.

Wright, Fr. Gr. Guide___The Fruit Grower's Guide. By John Wright. (Illustrated,) Vols. I-VI. London: 1892.