To the Honorable
    The Minister of Agriculture.

SIR,—I have the honor to submit for your approval a catalogue of the fruit trees under trial at the branch experimental farm at Agassiz, B.C., prepared jointly by Mr. Thos. A. Sharpe, Superintendent of the Agassiz farm and myself.

 In this list, the varieties are arranged alphabetically for convenience of reference. It is hoped that the information presented in this catalogue will be helpful to fruit growers, not only in British Columbia, but in all the fruit growing districts in Canada. It will also assist in giving to those interested in this subject both in Canada and abroad, some idea of the great work some idea of the great work which has been done in the past ten years in bringing together so large and valuable collection, thus laying the foundation for an accurate and extensive acquaintance with the large fruits of temperate climates throughout the world. The opportunity will thus be also afforded of testing the relative vigour of growth and productiveness of the trees, also the quality of the fruit as grown in the coast climate of British Columbia.

I have the honor to be
     Your obedient servant,
Director Experimental Farms.

OTTAWA, June 15, 1900.

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