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Breeder(s): Missouri State Agricultural Experiment Station.
History: Released in 1935 from an Ingram x Delicious cross.
Fruit quality: The flesh is pale cream color, very sweet and juicy.
Fruit size: medium large.
Fruit appearance: conic in shape, having a dull finish, striped orange-red over yellow green.
References: Orange Pippin website

Breeder(s): George Dummer, Suffolk, England.
History: Released in 1962 from an open-pollinated Worchester Pearmain growing near a Beauty of Bath tree.
Fruit quality: The flesh is white, unless picked late in the season, in which case it is sometimes tinged with red. It is moderately crisp, sprightly.
Fruit size: small.
Fruit appearance: round, wider than tall, yellow background striped with carmine.
References: Discovery website Wikipedia