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THE YEAR 1865.

Government Printing Office

Printing Resolution


Report of the Commissioner, Hon. Isaac Newtown.
Report of the Superintendent of Garden, William Saunders
Report of the Superintendent of the Experimental Farm, George Reid
Report of the Entomologist, Townend Glover
Report of the Chemist, Henry Erni
Report of the Statistician, J.R. Dodge
Entomological exhibition in Paris, by Townend Glover
Resources and industrial condition of the southern States, by Daniel R. Goodloe
Agricultural colleges, by Henry F. French
Popular varieties of hardy fruits, by F.R. Elliot
The peach, its propagation, cultivation, varieties, &c., by Isaac Pullen
New varieties of grapes, by S.J. Parker, M.D.
Fruits and fruit trees of the middle States, by William C. Lodge
The native fruits of the far west, by R.O. Thompson
American forests, their destruction and preservation, by Rev. Frederick Starr, Jr.
The onion, its history, culture, and preservation, by Elisha Slade
Market gardening in the vicinity of New York, by Peter Henderson
Market products of west New Jersey, by James S. Lippincott
Potato culture in Lake county, Ohio, by L.S. Abbott
Botanical history of sorghum, by F. Pech
Production of sugar from sorghum, or northern sugar-cane, by William Clough [incomplete]

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